IT’S TIME TO RECLAIM YOUR INNER GODDESSCome home to your authentic self
Growing up, were you always told to be quiet?

Were you "too much"?

Too Loud
Too Silly
Too Rowdy
Too Outspoken
Too Bossy
Too Big

Did you grow up trying to be More?

More quiet, more petite, more serious, just to fit in?

How did that work out for you?

Well, now it's time to shed those lies and reveal the REAL You


No more apologizing
No more playing small

Think about it. When you were little, wasn't it exciting to dream?

About what you would be...
About who you'd become...

Didn't you used to believe you were going to do something great in the world?

Yeah, I know you did.
I did too!

And then life happens and we get caught up in daily routines instead of focusing on what we want to create.

Maybe (like me) you were taught to take care of everyone else's needs before your own.

That's what happened to me.

I wanted to be all kinds of things when I grew up, but then my family moved to Germany when I was 15.

Even though I was smart and had good grades in the States, high school was a challenge in Germany. In my youthful ignorance, I decided to quit school after 10th grade. (At 16 you already know everything anyway, right??)

I married young, divorced, remarried and was widowed with 2 young children by the time I was 34 years old. Life was moving fast and even though most of it was amazing and full of wonderful experiences up until the "widow" part, I still wasn't consciously creating my life.

As a matter of fact, by then I had forgotten who "I" was.

I know you have felt that too...

I remember in my early thirties thinking "who am I other than Mrs. Gioertz and Karina and Dustin's mommy? Surely there's more to me!

As a young widow I had to pick up the pieces of my shattered world and start over. That's when I began to intuitively visualize and manifest a new life for me and my family.

I tapped into my Divine Frequency – That vibration of your Higher Self, your Guidance System, Intuition, All That Is – whatever you want to call it.

And then I started to find books and courses and learned that all the stuff that I instinctively knew, was a “Thing”! I devoured books and courses and hired coaches and mentors – and finally began to consciously choose to own my MAGIC.

That's MAGIC in bold, capital letters!

Access Your Magic

I've created so many miracles in the meantime. A new man, a 13 acre horse ranch in Florida, a 1.5 acre horse property in the mountains on a river in California, my dream car and so much more.

But, it's not about the "things", is it?
It's about knowing you have the power to create.

You've spent your whole life being who somebody else thought you should be.

All that pent up creativity, loud, boisterous, child-like joy is crying to be turned loose!

To run and jump and dance in the rain, to sing too loudly, off-key and to laugh for no reason at all.

That's the you that can access your MAGIC.

So, whatever you’re dealing with right now
- remember -

If you can create THAT, you can create the opposite as well!

Wanna know how?
Are you ready?

The Unapologetic, Divinely Feminine You knows how to manifest your purpose and a life that will leave you feeling Soul-full.

The Divine Feminine that is Goddess and the Witch and all things in-between.

Are you ready to be THAT for yourself


The world needs you.

Do you feel the stirring in your heart?
Are the tears of truth welling up in your eyes?

Or are you excited and feeling the goosebumps of the possibilities?

This is for you if you are:

  • Done playing small
  • Done being quiet
  • Done playing by somebody else's rules
  • Ready to leave your mark on the world
  • Ready to have more fun in your life (playing keeps your vibe high)

If you know in your Soul that this is calling you,

then I invite you to join me and other amazing, ambitious women who want to shake things up in their lives and finally BE who they came here to BE.

Together, we will embark upon a 12 month journey called

Goddesses on Fire Mastermind

Are you ready?

Here's what you'll get when you step into being on Fire:

A ready-made community of like-minded women

(remember what it was like to hang out, play and talk with your girlfriends?)

A ready-made community of like-minded women who want to transform something in their lives. Together, we will learn and grow as we lift ourselves and each other to higher peaks.

Each Month You Get:

  • 2 Group Calls

    90 minutes each

  • 1 Private Call

    45 minutes with Jacquelyn

We will also gather together for a live 2-Day Mastermind, for learning, sharing and connecting!
(We will create a FB Live if you aren't able to join us in person)

And one Virtual multi-hour Gathering.

The topics we will cover include:

  • Clarity

    Do you know what you really want?

  • Power of Words

    They can build up and create or tear down and destroy.

  • Passions/Desires/Needs

    They are all important - where do you start?

  • Clearings

    Get rid of the junk that's sabotaging you.

  • Intuition, Higher Self

    Those unseen forces that are awaiting your command.

  • Energy & Chakras

    It's all about the vibe.

  • Inspired Action

    Knowing what to do when. Ready, Set, Go!

  • Sacred Tools to tap into the Magic

    Crystals, oils, Moon, Pendulums, Oracle Cards, etc.

I'm so excited to get this party started!
Are you?

You can register here:

    Pay in Full: $8500

    10 payments of $1000

You will learn how to finally get this "manifesting stuff" to work and you will change the way you live your life.

Once you learn this, you can't unlearn it.

You can't go back to the way you lived your life before.

No more blaming someone for your experiences. YOU get to take back your power and create what you want.

You have a say in how your story goes. No matter what you've created up until now – all of that has contributed to making you the amazing one-of-a-kind human that you are AND you now get to take back your power, own your MAGIC and create something new.

Is that exciting? Yes or Yes?

Register here and let's get started:

    Pay in Full: $8500

    10 payments of $1000

If you're on the fence, book a call with me and let's see if this is a good fit for you. Book here:

Let's DO this! We are Goddesses on FIRE!